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Selfmade Lavalamps

In this subsection of my homepage you will find a german construction plan (Bauplan DE) of the lava lamp I once built by my self, as well as various other information about lava lamps and feedback of other people building lava lamps. For access to other section use the navigation bar to the left!

If you are looking for a detailed construction plan in English go to!

DE Was würde man ohne das Internet machen? Selbst habe ich fast 2 Monate nach einer Lösung gesucht und alles versucht. Vom Technischen Museum, über die Chemie und Leuten die sich darin auskennen sollten, diverse Büchereien, WEB search, na eben alles was ich für brauchbar hielt, bin ich nicht weiter gekommen und mußte schließlich fast schon aufgeben. Eigene Versuche waren auch nicht gerade erfolgversprechend. Postings in de.sci.misc waren erfolglos, doch schließlich wurde ich in sci.chem fündig.

EN What would we do without the Internet? I almost searched 2 months for tips on how to built a lava lamp on my own and tried everything I could imagine. I have visited the Technical Museum in Munich, asked chemists, spend lots of time in various libraries, WEB search (in 1994 it was just beginning) and finally I almost gave up. Own attempts also were not promising. Postings in de.sci.misc were unanswered, but I finally found a FAQ in the news group sci.chem.

Please note:

Several people have been asking me if I would share my private knowledge / secrets about lava lamps with them and that there also would be some profit for me. Things like that are and will never be my intention with this page. I have been so lucky when I finally found something about lava lamps and so I decided to create this page which contains all my knowledge and should make it easier for others. My experiences are also limited, since I have built only a single lava lamp several years ago (in 1994), but see the Feedback and FAQ pages for more info!
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